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Hello I'm Lucy Donagh


As in the kebab.

I'm a multi-award-winning creative looking to find my way into AdLand. Have a browse through my work and tell me if you think I'm heading in the right direction.


The Problem:

As a society, there is not enough information or focus on female pleasure

The Insight:

We are comfortable with male sexual pleasure because we are surrounded by images of unthreatening doodled penises

The Solution:

Destigmatise female pleasure by an equally easy and recognisable symbol for the vulva and putting it everywhere


am i normal .png

Gold Winner 2020

Featured in:

We made two versions of this project, this one is just for The Case For Her.

You can watch the Teen Vogue edition on D&AD's website by clicking here.



With no access to the benefits of Student Art Pass during Covid, we need to find a way to make buying a  subscription desirable for students now.

We use Animal Crossing to translate the benefits of the Student Art Pass in a virtual, covid-friendly way, bringing the art world to life through interactive, shareable content. 

Silver in WTF/Other




Students are so involved in their university's worlds they forget to care about outside issues.

By showing the impacts global warming will have on their university towns, they become more emotionally involved.



Featured in:






One To Watch

The pink tax sees prices marked up when products have been put into women’s packaging.

If people don't pay for the pink tax, brands will have to reconsider charging more.



NomNom is a collectable game that can be used by schools and parents to encourage children to eat new foods. Every time a child eats a fruit or vegetable, they earn the corresponding character card. 

Each character card has a unique QR code so they can be unlocked within the NomNom app, where they can build a colourful island of NomNoms.

nomnom text.png




There is so much noise from the internet nowadays that young people forget to participate in the two minute silence on Remembrance Day.

The Royal British Legion collaborate with YouTube to enforce a silence for two minutes, as well as encouraging people to be "silent" on social media for the day.



Lucy Donagh Branding & Advertising: Creative Strategy brand strategy creative concepts creative strategy 

I uploaded an application I made for a Spotify Internship to LinkedIn and got 2 million views.


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Available for full-time work! Drop me a line for a chat or a quote on your freelance advertising or branding needs.
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