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Who am I anyway?





Hello! I'm Lucy, I'm a Welsh creative with an Irish name pronounced like a Turkish kebab based in London. 


Since September 2020, I have been one half of a creative team with Charlotte Alford. We are searching for exciting opportunities that look like something we'd like to be part of. You can see our joint portfolio here


Our experience encompasses everything from print to PR, but our main love is in social and experiential. With Charlotte's background in strategy and my addiction to all things social, together we deliver culturally relevant ideas backed by killer insights. 



I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2019 with a first-class BA (Hons) in Advertising. I designed & executed many creative concepts during my three years.

I was lucky to have a very close-knit course, leading and organising Advertising socials with my coursemates/housemates. 

Before uni, I went to Sixth Form and studied A Level Art & Design, English Literature, Media Studies & Maths Statistics.



I try to remember to make things just for the sake of making things, rather than solely for projects.

To look at, I like cartoonists such as WebComic Name, Mr Bingo, Gemma Correll, Liana Finck and Jean Jullien to name a few. But when making things, I like papercutting, lino and monoprints. I'd love to try and create a recognisable illustrative style for myself one day.



I am not naturally adventurous but I long to be and always push myself to experience as much as I possibly can. I've been lucky enough to go to a variety of places and have stayed in so many dingy hostels that my bravery (and immune system) has grown.

I would love to travel further afield in the future and see more cool places. 


What I'll Be Eating In The Year 2050

One minute and seven seconds of me talking about banoffee pie and my gall bladder. I'm sorry but if you're this deep into my portfolio what did you expect?

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Available for full-time work! Drop me a line for a chat or a quote on your freelance advertising or branding needs.
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