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A game concept which I designed, produced and wrote my dissertation on 

The Problem

4-11-year-old children don’t want to try new vegetables and many parents across the UK are bribing their children with treats to do so.

The Solution

A collectible game that can be used by schools and parents to encourage children to eat new foods. Every time a child eats a fruit or vegetable, they earn the corresponding character card. 


Each character card has a unique QR code so they can be unlocked within the NomNom app, where they can build a colourful island of NomNoms.

nomnom product.jpg

The Character Cards

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A selection of the 36 character cards.

Children get more points for more “rare” vegetables

(ones that typically don’t get eaten by their age group as often)

so the size of your collection is down to bravery and not wealth.

Subscriptions for Schools & Classes

NomNom is a subscription-based service for schools and classes, with individual subscriptions available for families. Introducing NomNom primarily through schools creates a playground conversation and incentive for children to get involved positively using peer pressure. 

Schools also allow the cards to be rewarded fairly at lunchtime and "healthy snack time". The vegetables on the cards appear in school meals at least once a term by schools that participate. This allows each child to grow their collection regardless of economic background.

Teachers can encourage children to aim towards goals, rewarding them for reaching a certain amount of points. Classes could even compete for free lessons or school trips, creating camaraderie and encouraging everyone to join in.

Nomnom app icon.png
NOMNOM phone 1.png

The app allows children to see their collections come to life.

Teachers, students and parents can all track progress

and compare against their peers.

The NomNom App

Children can collect digitalised characters and points in their NomNom island. The object of the game is to make your island as colourful as possible.

Each character is assigned a home on the map based on their colour. Once unlocked the characters will be seen on the map in their location.

Points cumulate as more character cards are scanned into the app, the points added from the "rarity" score on each card. There is a daily score and an overall total, so children can see how well they have done on an individual day and have personal bests. 


If Orange were the first card to be scanned in on the app, this is how it would look. 

Orange unlocks Sunset Boulevard on the map, the rest of the map remains greyed out and inaccessible until the child eats another fruit or vegetable of a different colour, and earns a new character card.

Unlocking Characters

Explore Friends' Islands

Children can add their classmates and compare their collections. They can visit each others' islands and get inspired to collect more characters.

By comparing collections, competition is made, and children are encouraged to try more fruits and vegetables.


NomNom creates a game out of trying new foods

and takes away the fear of vegetables.

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