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Royal British



The Problem

There is so much noise from the internet nowadays that young people forget to participate in the two-minute silence on Remembrance Day.

The Solution

The Royal British Legion collaborates with YouTube to enforce silence for two minutes, and encourages people to be "silent" on social media for the day.

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Youtube Takeover

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A screengrab of what YouTube would look like at 11 am on 11/11.

How Will It Work?

At 11 am, all video thumbnails will appear with a mute button. If people are watching a video when the time changes, the audio will suddenly cut out for two minutes. 

People will turn to social media to see why YouTube's audio has 'broken'. These same platforms will then create awareness of Remembrance Day, hereby enabling young people with a way to acknowledge the cause.

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Influencer Silence

YouTube influencers will be encouraged to take a day’s silence from posting on social media as well as YouTube.


Posting the mute button will notify their fans that they will be involved in the movement and showing respect by being silent for the entire day.


Fans will follow influencers, creating a domino effect throughout social media.

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Prints will be released before the silence to raise awareness of the cause.

Young people need a new way to pay respect

as they're often already sitting silently during the two minutes.

An online silence suits the modern community, with the same sentiment.