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Energy Saving



The Problem

Students worry about the climate warming up by another degree, but are so involved in their own degrees that they forget to save energy day-to-day.

The Insight

UK students spend an average of 55 hours a week online – but only 14 hours of this doing university work. They spend the same amount of time on social media.

The Solution

By infiltrating a social platform popular with students, we can remind them daily that their university degrees will be worthless if there isn't anywhere to use them.

Snapchat Takeover

Snapmaps will be flooded to show what the coastline will be like if we continue using energy the way we are currently; if the ice-caps were to melt.

Bitmojis in flooded areas will float around in life-rings, making it impossible to check on friends' locations.

80 universities in the UK would be flooded.

Filters Restricted in Flooded Areas

Our snorkel filter will be the only filter available in flooded areas. Users can re-enable filters by posting a story using the snorkel filter.


This won't be disclosed by Snapchat and instead left to users to work out. Even if this discussion is purely about getting access to the other filters, it creates awareness of the campaign.

Discover Stories

The Energy Saving Trust story will provide one unique new energy-saving tip each day.


As students do care for the environment, having one tiny alteration to their day like shutting down their computers is easy but adds up to make a difference.

Clicking "stop the flood" when trying to access other

filters takes you to the Energy Saving Trust story.

Guerilla Advertising

Snapcodes that look like life-rings will be placed outside universities in landlocked cities to cause conversation.

When scanned, the area gets washed under an AR filter that shows the area submerged in polluted water.

The Energy Saving Trust will disrupt students everyday lives,

making energy saving relevant to their lives

Like this campaign? Or just want to chat about the cause? Drop me a message below.
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