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Don't Pay

For Pink


The Problem

The Pink Tax is the mark-up on products that are on female versions of a product.

The Solution

Don't Pay For Pink shows people that they can save money AND create gender equality by buying the cheaper, male versions of products.

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The Pink Tax makes a woman's lives an average of 

£1034 more expensive than man's each year.

The Prints

Even school clothes, which legally cannot be taxed, have the pink tax!


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To raise awareness of products targeted at all different age groups, showing just how many people the pink tax effects.

The Web Extension

Don't Pay For Pink offers a web extension that helps you save money and boycott the pink tax when online shopping.


It analyses the products in your basket and offers similar alternatives, men's or women's, that don't endorse the pink tax. 

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Won't Pay For Pink Petition

Every download automatically sends a digital signature to a petition "Won't Pay For Pink". 


This petition draws the government's attention to the issue and encourages them to ban the pink tax once and for all.

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When people don't pay for pink, companies will have to reconsider

the mark-ups they're putting on female versions of products

and the Pink Tax will come to an end.

Furious about losing £1034? Or think it's just snowflakes being sensitive? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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