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Am (i)


Created with Charlotte Alford


The Problem

As a society, there is not enough information or focus on female pleasure

The Insight

We are comfortable with male sexual pleasure because we are surrounded by images of unthreatening doodled penises

The Solution


Destigmatise female pleasure by an equally easy and recognisable symbol for the vulva and putting it everywhere

Focus Group Drawing Class

We gave over 50 people from a variety of ages sexualities and backgrounds two tasks:

First, draw a penis.

Second, draw a vulva.

The first was instantly doable with a lot of laughs. The second was taken more seriously, with many asking questions before putting pen to paper and taking time considering "where to start". Proving that female genitalia has become taboo because it is a "mystery" that everyone's afraid to talk about.  


Introducing (i)

By simplifying the way we see vulvas and the way we talk about female pleasure, we can be free to work out what normal is to us as individuals.


And so, we encourage people to focus on (i).

As brackets can be interchangeable  ((i))   {i}   ([i]) we can normalise different versions of what a "normal" vulva can look like. 

And show that whatever “normal” is to each person, (i) should always be the focus.

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"What the f*** is a vulva?"

Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 00.52.36.png

"Penises are funny"

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Florence G({i})ven
Florence G({i})ven

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Veron{i}ca Dearly
Veron{i}ca Dearly

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Florence G({i})ven
Florence G({i})ven

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(i)llustrators (i)nvolvement

We enlist empowering female illustrators to help us plaster (i)s all over the country. They will be encouraged to use their own unique (i) in the artworks as well as in their social media. 


With the take over in the physical world in full swing, we begin to invade the digital world with (i)s too. Strong female influencers will be encouraged to join the movement, showing their own (i) in posts, usernames and captions. they will create mass online conversation and make people of all ages and genders, not just teenage girls, comfortable with the topic.

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Introducing (i)

As more people search for all the variations of (i), we ensure that they get taken to a reliable internet source for explanation. Searches of (i) or any "am I normal?" will direct you to The Case For Her's "Am (i) Normal?" webpage. 


It is a forum to anonymously submit questions/confessions that will be responded to in private by professionals. But, your "am I normal?" post can be made public and upvoted by other people who identify with this type of normal.


This will allow girls to get honest accurate information about their bodies, sex and pleasure without feeling uncomfortable. It will be the much needed middle ground of science lessons and porn.

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t(i)ktok confess(i)ons

TikTok is a popular platform for candidly sharing embarrassing stories and confessions with the phrase "way too comfortable on this app" being very common.


We will utilise this by encouraging girls to use the hashtag, and getting our brand ambassadors and health professionals to make responses, giving advice and reminding young girls that normal can mean so many different things for both body parts and pleasure.

Whatever “normal” is to each person,

(i) should always be the focus.

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